For Leadership
The relationship between leaders and teams is missing something. Leadership is too far removed from the fast changing reality of consumer behaviour and the market to make the many iterative decisions needed today. Teams are removed from creating business value, by organisational governance, that doesn't scale and is too ineffective to create ROI or impact in time. Resilience is not possible like this.
We can help by:
- Introducing enablement for leaders
- Redefining sustainable governance and decision-making
- Introducing teams to business casing and better prioritisation


Efficiency & Effectiveness

You only know what you measure. In our new and evolving world, what you measure and where you invest is crucial. We help you identify the difference between an effective company, that can grow and an efficient company, that get's locked in as a commodity. Effectiveness will bring your future revenue in a wicked market. Efficiency makes most transformation projects not return its investment.
We can help by:
- Introducing fast-paced prioritisaton
- Help leadership and teams find the best balance between efficiency and effectiveness
- Find the balance between business and customer value for every team

For Teams
Google, Uber and others run over 1,000 experiments a year. How can you create teams and operations that can play in the same market?
We can help by:
- Introducing more hollistic team structures
- Creating fast-research and paced testing for teams
- Introducing teams to business casing and better prioritisation


Marcus Kirsch’s superpower is to see problems at both the macro and micro scales. In The Wicked Company, he surveys the landscape to help us understand how, when and why change happens; then he dives deep to help us figure out how to capitalize on it.
Marcus takes us on a fascinating canter through history to explain the evolution of our predominant ‘tame’ company cultures, structures and practices, before laying out a blueprint for building a wicked company mindset fit to tackle the biggest problems facing our customers and society at large. For those who believe in a people-first and design led approach to change, this book is a must read - let the Wicked Games begin!
It's clear more and more enterprises face wicked problems in their businesses, ones that mutate even as you work on them. For that you need wicked solutions, so let this engaging book by Marcus Kirsch be your guide.
It's a wicked world, and we live in wicked times, facing complex challenges that are intractable (and even incomprehensible) to traditional, tame—that is to say mechanistic and reductionistic—tools, organizations, strategies, and mindsets. Marcus Kirsch wades right in to wrassle the beast to the ground. Get in there and get dirty with him.


Currently over 70% of digital transformations are failing(McKinsey).
Our new world is made of wicked problems, moving and evolving targets, not the tame problems of the industrial revolution. Our organisations are not build to succeed.
The Wicked Company exists to help you address the three key aspects (see services) needed to have the problem-solving and resilience capabilities needed today and in the future.

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Marcus Kirsch is the founder of The Wicked Company, an applied transformation and service design consultancy based in London, UK.

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